Can I create reports for any location?

Absolutely!  ZoomProspector provides a number of different ways to create demographic and business reports for any location.  These are divided into three tools all found in the "Tools" menu next to the My Folder button.

  1. The Pinpoint option lets users click anywhere in the map and set a pinpoint on the map.  When clicking on this point you can select to generate any ZoomProspector report based on the radius or drive time provided.

  2. The Find by Location option allows users to enter an address to generate ZoomProspector reports around.  Once the address is entered a pinpoint will be placed on the map.  This pinpoint then functions like #1 above.

  3. Probably the most flexible and powerful is the Area Selection (Polygon) option.  When selected users can then go to the map and draw an area anywhere on the map.  Once the polygon shape is complete simply click in the middle of the shape which will then provide a list of reports that can be generated.  See the video below for a quick overview.


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