Why can't I find a property I added?

This is a common question that is usually addressed by one of the following:
  1. ​Searching for a site when using building search or vice versa.  ZoomProspector separates properties into Sites or Buildings.  If you add a property that is a building and then try and search for this listing within the Site search no results will be found.  Make sure to search to both or verify you have set the correct type in the property admin.
  2. Make sure you are looking through the separate result pages.  The map will only show the listings that are in the page set below the map.  It could be the property is simply on a separate page.
  3. Property may be Inactive or Expired.  Properties added within the property admin have a checkbox for "Active" listings.  This must be checked for the property to show up on the front end search.  This checkbox is "on" by default when the site is added.  Unless deselected when adding the only reason this would be removed would be if the property had expired.  Properties are active for a set number of days (determined by client) and once expired become inactive.  This data is automatically reset any time a change is made to a listing.

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