What can I do if a business listing is missing or incorrect?

Unfortunately like most data there are occasionally inaccuracies.  Below are some common issues:

Missing Business
First, if a business has recently opened within the last 6 months it may simply be that InfoGroup has not yet picked this up.  If an established business cannot be found in the business search when searching by name try entering alternative spellings or only a portion of the name.  The business search by name looks for any portion of the name that matches.  If the business is abbreviated or has slight differences it may return no results.  For example, if you search McDonald's but it is listed as Mc Donalds with a space and no apostrophe it will not be returned.

Also, if searching based on other parameters such as NAICS code or employee count understand that these may be incorrect and be affecting the result.  If you cannot find a business contact GIS Planning support and we can report to InfoGroup.  Please provide any supporting documentation.  You can also have the business directly register their business with InfoGroup at https://www.expressupdate.com.

Business Closures
First, if a business has recently closed/gone out of business understand that it may take up to 6 months to be purged from the InfoGroup database.  For businesses that have been closed for a significant time but still appear contact GIS Planning support.  Please provide any supporting documentation as we will need to forward this to InfoGroup.

Business Inaccuracies
If you find a listing that you feel has inaccuracies please report to GIS Planning support again with any supporting documentation.  Typical inaccuracies are location, assigned NAICS category (note, we currently only use the primary NAICS code for a business), number of employees, estimated revenue, and name.


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