Data Sources and Update Frequency

ZoomProspector Enterprise provides a number of powerful location based reports.  These reports are provided by a number of different sources.  This list outlines the report, the source and update schedule.

  1. Labor Force Report - provided by Applied Geographic Solutions and updated bi-annually.  Last updated December 2016.

  2. Demographic Report provided by Applied Geographic Solutions and updated bi-annually.  Last updated December 2016..

  3. Consumer Spending Report - provided by Applied Geographic Solutions and updated bi-annually.  Last updated December 2016..

  4. Wages Report - provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics and updated annually.  Last updated May 2016.

  5. Business Report - provided by InfoGroup and updated quarterly.  Last updated November 2016.

  6. Talent Pool Report - provided by NCES and update annually.  Last updated August 2016.  Data reflects the 2014-2015 academic year.
NOTE: For client located in Canada all data is provided by Environics and updated annually.  Last update May 2016

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