Data Heat Maps

ZoomProspector Enterprise provides Heat Maps for all Consumer Spending, Demographics, Labor Force and Talent Pool report variables.  The heat maps can be accessed a couple different ways:
From Heat Maps Tab
In the search window in the top left corner of the map users can select the "Heat Maps" tab.

From here users can select which report variables to choose from by clicking on the corresponding radio button.  Once selected users simply need to select a variable from the "Select Category" list.  This will then turn on the heat map associated with the value.
From Reports
Another option is to turn the heat map variable on for a specific value directly from the report tab for each of the categories above.  The report tabs are available when viewing a detailed property or community report as well as around any pinpoint or defined polygon area.  The image below shows an example of the tab.  The arrows in the report section show the text that can be clicked on to turn on the associated heat map.
Heat Map Resolution
ZoomProspector Enterprise heat map resolution is dynamic and based off the current view extent.  When zoomed out on the map at a regional level the data is by County.  As a user zooms in on the map it will change to Zip Code boundary and finally census block groups.
Heat Map Data Ranges
ZoomProspector Enterprise heat map data ranges are dynamically created based on the high and low value of the current extent of displayed data.  This is done to insure that the greatest depiction of differentiation is shown on the map.
Heat Map Extents
ZoomProspector Enterprise heat map extents are set to any heat map polygon that intersects the clients geographic extent.  This allows visitors to the site to focus only on our specific clients region.

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